The Sisters Grimm series is by Michael Buckley. The seies is about two girls named Sabrina and Daphne Grimm. They are in foster care since their parents dissapeared two years before. After being moved from foster parent to foster parent, they are sent to Ferryport Landing, to live with a grandmother they belived to be dead! After living with their grandmother for a few days, she tells them that they are related to to famous Brothers Grimm, and that the Brothers Grimm's book of fairy tales, was actual accounts of magical occourences! To learn more about their adventures, you'll have to read the series.

Characters Edit

Here ar the main characters in the series:

  • Sabrina Grimm
  • Daphne Grimm
  • Granny Relda Grimm
  • Mr. Canis
  • Mirror
  • Mayor Charming

Other characters:

  • Elvis (Granny Relda's dog)
  • Puck (A Fairy)